Tuesday, May 26, 2020

5G conspiracy: Hundreds of articles now debunking it

The current public health threat of Covid-19 coincided with an underlying unease about the advent of 5G. As with every introduction of seemingly new technology, many people are worried about its safety. We say seemingly new because 5G is not fundamentally different from earlier mobile technologies in terms of its use of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF). 5G operates with both existing as well as higher frequencies but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything about those frequencies and the safety of RF energy.

While 5G has been receiving a lot of attention on social media, the claims linking 5G to the spread of coronavirus are not only baseless - they have actually resulted in real harm. Mobile telecommunications companies have already had base stations or cell towers set on fire, and workers deploying the networks are being verbally abused and harassed. But experts have been very clear - the pandemic is not caused by 5G, as has been explained in 
an overwhelming number of statements from subject matter experts, scientists, health authorities and government representatives around the world. 

If you do have questions or doubts in regard to 5G, or would just like to better understand how such conspiracy theories can get traction in today’s modern world, there are a wealth of great articles to explore. Out of the several hundred articles published in March and April on this topic, we selected a few of the well-researched articles by respected media. 

If you wanted to have a good explanation about 5G and commonly discussed worries, have a look at these articles: 

If you would like to understand the origins and background to this particular conspiracy theory: 

If you want to know what official health agencies, government representatives, the World Health Organisation, the European Commission and others, have said about 5G and Covid19, have a look here: 

And two great podcasts exploring 5G and the recent excitement: 

Enjoy the reading and listening! 

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